Western Australia has two compliance programs in operation —

Commencing in 1997, the Radiological Council introduced programs requiring the periodic testing of diagnostic x-ray equipment and industrial radiation sources for compliance with the Radiation Safety (General) Regulations and any additional criteria that the Council may apply to the equipment under test.

The need for a diagnostic x-ray compliance testing program was indicated by studies in Australia and elsewhere demonstrating that poor x-ray equipment performance is a significant contributor to unnecessary patient radiation exposure; a trend towards mandatory quality assurance (QA) programs for medical radiology; and evidence of significant non-compliance documented in inspections conducted by Council�s officers.

Radiation producing equipment used in some industrial applications can be a significant source of unnecessary radiation exposure to workers if the equipment is not operated and maintained to required standards. To address this concern, quality assurance programs for industrial radiation equipment were introduced in Western Australia and elsewhere for a number of years and are now mandatory in a number of jurisdictions.


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