All diagnostic x-ray equipment used for medical, chiropractic and dental imaging must be tested in accordance with the Radiological Council Diagnostic X-ray Equipment Compliance Testing Program. This is detailed in the Program Requirements [PDF 451 kb].

It is an offence to use x-ray equipment for human diagnosis unless it has either —

  • a current Certificate of Compliance;
  • a current Certificate of Conditional Compliance;
  • a current Certificate of Provisional Compliance;
  • an exemption from compliance granted by the Council; or
  • a notice of non-compliance (for the period specified on the notice).

The required frequency of compliance testing of x-ray equipment is dependant on the type of equipment as shown below —

Equipment Type

Compliance Period


12 months

C-arm or U-arm fluoroscopy

12 months

Cone beam CT

12 months

Other fluoroscopy

24 months


24 months


24 months


36 months


Licence Requirements

All compliance tests must be performed by a licensed compliance tester or by persons under the direction and immediate personal supervision of a licensee. Immediate personal supervision requires the licensee to be present and directly observing the person concerned. A number of licence holders also offer their services as consultant compliance testers.

In order to obtain a licence for compliance testing of diagnostic x-ray equipment, you must —

  • have a relevant technical qualification at the certificate or advanced certificate level or equivalent experience in a medical radiation field;
  • pass the Radiological Council examinations; and
  • undertake a practical assessment supervised by a qualified expert (QE) for each class of equipment you wish to be licensed to test – the QE must provide Council with a written report attesting to the applicant's practical abilities.

To apply for a licence, you will need to complete and submit a licence application form [PDF 26 kb].


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