FAQ – Non Ionising (Microwave Oven) Radiation



The following information has been supplied by the Department of Health’s Radiation Health Branch. It is relevant for people that may have questions about the use of microwave ovens around their home or work.


Should I be concerned that my microwave oven could leak radiation?:  In Western Australia all microwave ovens sold must comply with the requirements of AS3301 – 1992  Approval and Test Specification - Particular Requirements for Microwave Ovens. This publication specifies the manufacturer’s requirements to minimise the leakage of microwave oven radiation. In Western Australia there is no legislative requirement for regular use/domestic type microwave ovens to be tested.

Where can I get more information about microwaves and microwave ovens?:  For more information about this topic you can visit the Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) website. To browse an information booklet published by the Department of Health, please click here.



If further information is required, please contact a Radiological Council officer on 9346 2260.