The sale of prescribed electronic products (such as Class 3B or Class 4 lasers as clasified under AS2211.1 or transilluminators) in Western Australia must comply with the requirements of the Radiation Safety Act and the Radiation Safety (General) Regulations.



In Western Australia prescribed electronic products may only be sold by persons holding a licence for sale of the product, or by persons acting under the direction and general supervision of a licensee. To apply for a licence you will need to complete and submit a licence application form [PDF < 100 kb]. There are no specific prerequisites for persons applying for a sales licence.

The licence amendment form [PDF < 100 kb] may be used to change your postal address or name, add or remove a licence purpose, or to terminate your licence.

A sales licence does not authorise you to operate a Class 3B or Class 4 laser even for demonstration purposes.



Prescribed electronic products may only be sold to persons holding a licence, or relevant exemption from licence, to possess the equipment. The Radiological Council must be notified in writing of the sale, purchase, transfer or dipsosal of the equipment to a person in Western Australia. A registration amendment form [PDF < 100 kb] is available for this purpose.

The only laser pointers that are able to be sold in Western Australia are those with output power less that 1 mW (Class I or 2). Low powered laser equipment may be so to anyone, however it is good practice to inform recipients that all lasers must conform to the requirements of Australian Standard AS2211.1.



A registration is only required if Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are stored in Western Australia.


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Page last revised: 30 August 2013