Proposals for areas where irradiating apparatus and radioactive sources are to be used for radiotherapy purposes must be submitted to the Radiological Council for approval. The proposal must indicate the types of equipment or radioactive substances, the proposed workloads and work procedures, and where relevant, include detailed plans of building design and structural shielding. The proposal must show how this will ensure compliance with dose limits for staff and members of the public.

Assessments for proposed structural protection must be signed off by a person who holds accreditation with the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine in the field of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics, before submission to the Radiological Council.

On completion of structures which have received design and shielding approval from the Radiological Council, a letter from a structural engineer must be submitted to the Radiological Council stating that the construction is in fact as per the plans approved by the Radiological Council.

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