FAQ – Transilluminators (Ultraviolet Radiation)


The following information is relevant for people that use or service transilluminators in the course of their work.


Does Western Australia have guidelines for the use of ultraviolet radiation?: 

Yes, for occupational health effects associated with ultraviolet radiation (UV). In Western Australia we are guided by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) publication (RHS 29):

Occupational standard for exposure to ultraviolet radiation (1989).

The guidelines recommend limits of exposure with spectral weighting functions across the wavelengths of UV including the near-ultraviolet UV-A spectral region (315-400nm) and the actinic spectral region (UV-C and UV-B from 180-315nm).

Do I need a registration or a licence for my transilluminator?: 

Yes. All transilluminator equipment must have a current registration (see registration application form) at the practice that it is to be used or stored. All practices will require a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to be nominated. To operate or service a transilluminator, you must possess a relevant licence (see licence application form) under the Radiation Safety Act or be acting under the supervision of a licensee.

How can I quickly check my basic legal requirements?: You are required, unless exempted in writing, to comply with all relevant aspects of the Radiation Safety Act and the Radiation Safety (General) Regulations. When your registration or licence is sent to you, there will usually be a set of conditions attached of which you should be aware. Those using or servicing transilluminators should refer to Registration Condition 111 and Licence Conditions 113, 112 as appropriate. In addition more specific conditions may be applied.

Do I need a registration or a licence for any other type of device that produces ultraviolet radiation?: 

No. At present only transilluminator equipment is required to be registered (for ultraviolet radiation) in Western Australia.


If further information is required, please contact a Radiological Council officer on 9346 2260.