The use of x-ray equipment in Western Australia must comply with the requirements of the Radiation Safety Act and the Radiation Safety (General) Regulations. The following is relevant for country hospitals and practices that have x-ray operators operating mobile radiographic equipment in the course of their business.


X-ray Operators

X-ray operators are only permitted to operate x-ray equipment at registered premises outside the metropolitan area where it is not always possible or practical to employ licensed medical imaging technologists. An x-ray operator (XRO) is a health practitioner (most often a nurse, but can be a doctor) who has been approved by the Radiological Council to undertake a limited range of basic radiographic examinations in remote and rural practices where a diagnostic radiography service would not otherwise be available.

Persons wanting to become an x-ray operator must attend and pass the recognised x-ray operator course run by Curtin University. Further information on the course can be obtained from Mrs Susan Duvall, Medical Imaging Laboratory Assistant in the Department of Medical Imaging and Applied Physics at Curtin University. Mrs Duvall can be contacted by:

  • Post: PO Box U1987 PERTH WA 6845
  • Phone: 08 9266 7508
  • Fax: 08 9266 2377
  • Email: s.duvall@curtin.edu.au

X-ray operators are not issued a licence under the Radiation Safety Act; however they are issued with a certificate that permits them to operate mobile radiographic equipment for the purpose of human radiography of the chest, shoulders and extremities only.

Ongoing approval of x-ray operators is subject to them passing a 3 yearly assessment carried out by an approved radiographer. A list of approved radiographers [PDF < 100 kb] and currently approved x-ray operators are available for your reference.



The premises and all x-ray equipment in use or storage must be registered. Should you need to make an application for registration, you will need to complete and submit a registration application form [PDF < 100 kb]. Registrations are not transferrable between owners. The new owner of the premises and any x-ray equipment must apply for a new registration.

A nomination for the Radiation Safety Officer will need to be made on the registration application. To make a change of Radiation Safety Officer, you will need to submit a nomination to the Radiological Council in writing.

You must give prior written notification to the Radiological Council of any planned changes that affect the information previously supplied for your registration. The registration amendment form [PDF < 100 kb] may be used to advise of new equipment, sale or transfer of equipment, or disposal of equipment. For changes not covered by this form, you will need to submit written notification to Council requesting your registration be amended.

For both new registration applications and amendment to an existing registration, the following must be considered –


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