Radiation Safety Courses

The Radiological Council recognises a number of training courses as meeting the prerequisite for specific categories of licence in Western Australia. A list of these courses and the contact details is provided below in PDF format. The list is not exhaustive; some recognised courses may not be listed.



The following examinations are conducted by or on behalf of the Radiological Council; a syllabus or reference is available where indicated —

  • Chiropractic Radiography
    – See Chiropractors FAQ
  • Core Examination
    – Syllabus [PDF 47 kb]
  • Compliance Testing of Diagnostic X-ray Equipment
  • Gauges – Fixed Radiation
  • Gauges – Logging (Borehole / Well)
    – Syllabus [PDF 37 kb]
  • Gauges – Portable Density and/or Moisture
    – Syllabus [PDF 36 kb]
  • Industrial Radiography
  • Industrial Radiography Assistants
    – Syllabus [PDF < 100 kb]
    – Industrial Radiography Assistant training notes [PDF < 100 kb]
    – See also Industrial Radiography FAQ
  • Laser Safety – Entertainment
    – Refer also to AS/NZS 2211.1 [external website]
  • Laser Safety – Industrial
    – Refer also to AS/NZS 2211.1 [external website]
  • Laser Safety – Medical
  • Service of Laser Equipment
    – Refer also to AS/NZS 2211.1 [external website]
  • Service of X-ray Equipment – Cabinet X-ray
  • Service of X-ray Equipment – Dental Intraoral, Panoramic and Cephalometric
  • Service of X-ray Equipment – Diagnostic
  • Service of X-ray Equipment – Industrial NDT
  • Service of X-ray Equipment – Linear Accelerators
  • Service of X-ray Equipment – Superficial X-ray Therapy
  • Transport of Radioactive Substances
  • X-ray Analysis Users


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