Regulation is achieved primarily by —

  • registration of the equipment, substances and products and the premises where they are manufactured, operated, used or stored; and by
  • licensing individuals to possess, use, operate, manufacture or otherwise deal with particular radiation sources.

Registration is required of all x-ray equipment, non-exempt radioactive substances and prescribed electronic products (i.e. sun-tanning units, high-powered lasers and transilluminators). The premises where the equipment, substances and/or products are manufactured, used, stored or otherwise dealt with must also be registered.

The registrant is the person ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act, the regulations and any conditions, restrictions or limitations that may be imposed by the Radiological Council under section 36 of the Act. Where applicable, these conditions will be issued with the registration certificate. Please refer also to the Responsibilities of the Registrant [PDF 107 kb].

The registrant must appoint a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) subject to prior approval by the Council under Regulation 18. The RSO undertakes many of the responsibilities imposed on the registrant by the Act and regulations, and provides the initial point of contact for all radiation matters.

The Registrant or RSO must notify the Council in advance of any planned changes to a registration of a material nature (Section 38 of the Act).

Breaches of the Act are a criminal offence and may be punishable by a fine and/or suspension or revocation of the registration.


Registration applications

Information on the requirements for specific occupations can be accessed where available in the A - Z section. For further information, please contact us.

Registrations are issued for specific purposes in two primary classes. Application for registration forms (including fee schedule) are available in the Forms and Fact Sheets page as follows —

Registration renewals are sent out annually or triennially, in the first week of the preceding month. For example, if your registration expires during February 2011, your renewal application will be sent to you in the first week of January 2011. If you have changed your mailing address or have not received your renewal application forms upon expiry, please contact us.

For all applications —

  • the original signature of the applicant is required – faxed and electronic submissions can not be accepted;
  • the fee payable is dependant upon the quantity (total activity) of radioactive substances held; or on the number of x-ray devices and/or electronic products held;
  • payments can be accepted as cash, cheque or money order; purchase orders are not currently acceptable as invoices are not issued.


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