Personal Radiation Monitoring

The Radiological Council prescribes the monitoring requirements for persons occupationally exposed to ionising radiation in Western Australia. Personal Radiation Monitoring Requirements [PDF 27 kb] are detailed for the service providers approved under Regulation 25A and the requirements for radiation users under Regulation 25.

If you wish to clarify your need to be monitored, please contact the Radiological Council. For group enquiries, please contact the Council through your organisationís Radiation Safety Officer.

A summary is also available of the Dose Limits and Maximum Permissible Exposure Levels [PDF 103 kb].


Radiation Survey Instruments

Radiation survey meter requirements are stipulated in Regulation 16 of the Radiation Safety (General) Regulations. Further specific requirements may be outlined in the conditions issued with a registration or in the relevant Code of Practice for the practice. Some areas of variation in the requirements for instruments include acceptable tolerances for survey instruments, suitability of the device for different situations, and the energy-calibration response of instruments.

For more information, refer to the specific area of use where available in the A - Z pages, or contact a Council officer.


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