Regulation is achieved primarily by —

  • registration of the equipment, substances and products and the premises where they are manufactured, operated, used or stored; and by
  • licensing individuals to possess, use, operate, manufacture or otherwise deal with particular radiation sources.

Persons using sources of radiation that are subject to regulation under the Radiation Safety Act must either —

a) hold a current licence; or
b) lawfully work under the direction and supervision of a licensee; or
c) hold an individual exemption from licence; or
d) belong to a class of individuals exempted from licensing by regulation.

Unless one of these criteria is met, it is an offence to use, operate, possess, or otherwise deal with x-ray equipment, non-exempt radioactive substances or the prescribed electronic products. The licence (or exemption from licence) may be subject to conditions, restrictions and limitations imposed under Section 36 of the Radiation Safety Act; where applicable, these will be issued with the licence certificate.

An exemption by regulation as in d) may require the persons concerned to hold a particular qualification or to be otherwise appropriately trained. The regulation may also require them to work under the direction and supervision of a licensee or a person holding an exemption from licence.


Licence applications

Information on the criteria for licence approvals for specific occupations can be accessed where available in the A - Z section. For further information, please contact us.

Licences are issued for specific purposes in two primary classes. Application for licence forms (including fee schedule) are available in the Forms and Fact Sheets page as follows —

Licence renewals are sent out annually or triennially, in the first week of the preceding month. For example, if your licence expires during February 2011, your renewal application will be sent to you in the first week of January 2011. If you have changed your address or have not received your renewal application forms upon expiry, please contact us.

For all applications —

  • the original signature of the applicant is required – faxed and electronic submissions can not be accepted;
  • licences and individual exemptions from licence are personal (like a driver's licence) and can not be transferred to another person;
  • payments can be accepted as cash, cheque or money order; purchase orders are not currently acceptable as invoices are not issued.


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